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To The Races!

So I’ve just registered for the Catalina Marathon on March 9th (off the southern coast of California).  Why this race?  Is it a fast course guaranteed for a fast time?  Is it a convenient location which is easy to get to?  Does it fit well into my training plan timing-wise?  None of the above.  I’m […]

Set Back

I’m sure you’re all wondering how my valiant attempt at 70 miles went this week.  Well, I came down with the flu.  Despite a fair dose of denial, and trying to “get out there anyway” the first few days, the reality has hit and I’ve spent the best part of the last 5 days here: […]

Winter Running Tips

Today was one of the coldest days of the year so far.  I know, we’ve gotten soft with our winters lately, but -24C with the windchill still seems pretty cold to me – whether I’m used to it or not.  SO, what do I do to get out the door on days like this?  A […]

Cross Training

A few words about cross-training.  I like it because: It helps prevent injury by maintaining a balance in your muscular strength It adds to your overall “functional fitness” and by this I mean, your ability to perform in other activities in life at a higher level, rather than just being really good at running in […]


Here’s the funny thing about perspective – it’s hard to really change yours until you’re really forced to see it from someone else’s.  My days move along by my accomplishing tasks.  I like to check one thing off the list and move onto the next.  This mentality suits my running quite well, but I seem […]

Then and Now

As I attempt to get back to my former running times (from about 10-15 years ago) it’s interesting for me to make comparisons on how my training and approach to running has changed.  I think I can attain my previous PB’s because I’m now more experienced, smarter, stronger (mentally – maybe even physically) and probably […]


Generally I think that “not having enough time” is not an excuse for not running.  It’s about priorities and energy levels.  You can wake up 30-45 minutes earlier than usual, and you can usually squeeze that same window into a lunch-time or evening run.  My current frustration comes from trying to “up” my mileage from […]